Experience Soundbath in the middle of nature at Thorséng Nature Resort. It is pure enjoyment and well-being for body and mind. A sea of wonderful sounds brings you deep peace, cleanses the cells, and re-energizes body and soul.

Relaxation and de-stressing with sound bath

Let yourself be bathed in the sounds of the cosmic gong and the grooving gentle and deeply relaxing singing bowls, sound instruments and other organic sounds.

At Thorséng you are invited on a sound journey where the sounds find their way into your body, where extra attention, harmony, energy or deep relaxation is needed.

A sound bath is often experienced differently from person to person and from time to time. It can vary between being physical, mental, dreaming, sleeping or however it is experienced for you.

Inner cleansing that gives new energy and clarity

Sounds have a way of opening doors. The vibrations give a kind of cell massage and cleanse. It can feel like an internal cleaning, blowing the dust away. It re-energises, calms the mind and awakens creativity. Peace of mind and greater clarity are possible.

A journey into the self-healing power of the body

Soundbath can be experienced as pure wellness and relaxation, and some go on a deep inner journey. Each journey and experience is individual.

Among other things, the sounds have the ability to slow down the brain wave rhythm, which brings the body into a deeply relaxing, meditative state, thereby providing the best possible conditions for the body’s self-healing power.

Soundbath included in our Spa Packages

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